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Pastor Betty Ohene-Apraku is the president of the Yoke Breakers International and the Co-pastor of The Dominion Centre. Pastor Betty as she is affectionately known is an anointed prophetess, certified counsellor, gifted teacher of the Word of God, and a natural leader. Her ethos is based on Acts 17:28 ‘for in Him we live and move and have our being.’ Her mission in life is to draw all men to God through prayer and the Word of God.

Being convinced of the power within His word, she encourages people to not over complicate it but rather live within its simplicity. With her life as an example, she encourages, strengthens and empowers people for their purpose in life. With a prophetic anointing and a pastor’s heart, she teaches and preaches the gospel without compromise.

She stands for the truth and finds pleasure in seeing people live up to their full potential. Having surfed the turbulent winds of life, she is sensitive to the needs of her surroundings and gives her best to everyone and everything she is involved in.

As a dimensional thinker, she looks ahead and plans accordingly, keeping abreast with the times and seasons.  Pastor Betty is a great woman of understanding, catering for the needs of both the young and the old.

As a wife, she knows how to support a dream; as a mother she knows what it takes to birth and nurture a dream and as a pastor, she knows how to touch and heal the heart of nations. She humbly ministers God’s word knowing the saving grace behind it. Pastor Betty doesn’t believe in giving up on people and refuses to accept that there is something called Impossible.

This conviction stems from her appreciation to God for saving her and setting her free from a previously messy life. Her incredible testimony urges her to break out of the box and see beyond what the normal eye fails to see. She never gives up….no, she is determined to see people live up to their full potential.

Pastor Betty is endowed with the grace to speak to both the young and the old and carries the charisma that assures you that God is able. She acknowledges prayer as the foundation of our spiritual walk with God, and encourages people to pray persistently and consistently, using God’s word.

She has preached in conferences and crusades in Africa, Europe and England influencing and encouraging all men to address their spiritual needs, identify their uniqueness and develop their potential to be God’s ambassadors. Pastor Betty is married to Pastor Sam Ohene-Apraku, Senior Pastor of Dominion Centre and they are blessed with two lovely children.

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